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If you want to play chess strongly:
Working with your coach through the Cabinet

Connect to one of the leading professional trainers - international grandmasters or masters on our website. Study on your own online, get Homework and Chess Training through the Study Room. Solve problems, study typical positions on a computer, phone or tablet, increase your rating, and receive awards. You and your Trainer will see the results automatically.

Free Task Database, VIP chess positions and Video Lessons.

About 100 thousand constantly updated chess problems of various difficulty levels for independent training at any time. VIP chess base of more than 38,000 typical chess positions collected in the entire history of chess in Openings, Mittelgames and Endgames. And also an unlimited number of your own standard positions available only to you and your coach. Exercise regularly, little by little, but every day. Well-chosen instructional videos on a variety of topics will make your chess study even more interesting.

European Championships and World Championships are waiting for you:

... And other possibilities!