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Training is very important for a chess player, but, unfortunately, it is not always possible to find a free opponent for yourself. Very useful in this case is the ability to play chess online via the Internet, with a person or a computer. Free online chess at will help you with your daily workouts.

The system is based on artificial intelligence - the best Stockfish chess engine of the last 10 generations. Difficulty levels are distributed so that regardless of the level of training, the game can be interesting both for a beginner and for experienced chess players. At a difficult level, the computer makes much less mistakes and tries to find the most optimal moves to win. If you are just a beginner, we recommend setting low difficulty, level 1-3. From the fourth level, the PC becomes a stronger contender. For experienced players, difficulty levels 9 and 10 have been created, where Stockfish plays at the level of a master of sports in chess.

Stockfish has consistently ranked at or near the top of most ranked chess engines and is the strongest conventional open source chess engine in the world. It won the unofficial World Computer Chess Championship in Season 6 (2014), Season 9 (2016), Season 11 (2018), Season 12 (2018), Season 13 (2018), Season 14 (2019) and Season 16 (2019).

In advanced settings, you can choose time control, play with a clock, in this mode, for each move, each side adds time, and the total game time is limited, the so-called Blitz. Thus, the online game with the engine becomes a real chess simulator, like a real classic game with real people.

Training with the computer program allows you to hone your board skills at any time. Having started a game with yourself, you do not depend on anyone, and you can apply any tactics and learn with different levels of your electronic opponent. Quick games on the screen of a mobile device will make it easy to play chess even on the subway. Thanks to modern programs and online platforms, any child, with due persistence, can become a real chess guru.

For those who are still a beginner and are used to playing with hints, we have bad news - in a real game with a person there will be no hints! You need to learn from a large number of possible options, when you think for yourself, progress and getting new grades in chess goes much faster, this is the only way the game really develops.

At any time it is possible to return the move, cancel it, and play differently.

When playing with a computer without registration, your progress is not saved, so we recommend that you create an account so that you can earn online ranking points on the site.

If you opened the game against the engine for the first time, we recommend setting the average difficulty level, playing against a smart bot, and then either increase or decrease the difficulty. If you got through the first batch - great! It is worth playing with the same level.