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Have you seen a chessboard that thinks and makes its own moves?

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  • One of a Kind

  • Automated

Make your move and watch your opponent's piece move on its own:

  • Intelligent

Automated removal of pieces from the board, automatic placement of pieces after a game:

  • Sensible

Choose one of 20 difficulty levels to challenge the built-in Intelligence, play with the " AlphaZero " Neural Network, or fight the " Stockfish ":

  • Connected

Play with anyone, anywhere using the Internet, on any platform, with any player:

  • Personal trainer

Using the "Chessmasterpro" system, you get the opportunity to study chess with your personal trainer:

  • Breakthrough in technology

Never before in history - science, art, sports and technology were so close together:

  • Handmade

Try chess on a handcrafted chessboard with intricately carved classic pieces:


One board. So many possibilities.

Play with the world

Play with AlfaZero Neural Network or Stockfish

Square Off's built-in AI ensures you always have someone to play with. Choose from 20 different difficulty levels:

Great gift

Whether it's Christmas, birthday or anniversary, give this handmade Square Off chess gift to be close to your loved ones, even when you are far apart:

6 to 120, chess for everyone

It's never too late to learn how to play chess. Chess is known to improve memory and problem-solving ability, boost your child's mental alertness, and help older adults fight the onset of Alzheimer's, making them ideal for all ages:

Improve your skills

Review your played matches, analyze your moves and improve your chess skill. There are many more possibilities in chess with Square Off:




Get more done with the app!


Integration with the world's # 1 chess community:


Analyze your game and improve your score on the board through

 Leadership Table 

Know your player rankings on the Leadership Leaderboard

 Game history 

Study the games you've played previously, extract key positions from them on the board, and upload them to your account at

 Typical items 

Create a database of typical positions on Chessbase, study them on the board, upload them to your office, create exercises on


  • How to make moves:

  • How to broadcast games on the board:

  • How to connect to the service:

  • How to start playing:


Grand Kingdom Set


 Successful students train in our system: