Konstantin Sakaev - International Grandmaster

Konstantin Rufovich Sakaev (born April 13, 1974, Leningrad) - Soviet and Russian chess player, grandmaster since 1993.
Two-time Olympic Champion in 1998 and 2000 as part of the Russian team.
Multiple winner of the Russian team championships.
Maximum rating 2677 (January 2005)
Current rating 2596 (April 2020)
Grew up in a chess family. He learned to play at the age of four. He received his general education at 222 secondary school in Leningrad (formerly Petrishule).
He studied at the chess school at the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers under the guidance of V.V.Shishmarev. In the early nineties, his mentor was A.M. Lukin.
Graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Leningrad State University.
USSR Champion U18 1990. In the same year he won the U16 World Championship in Singapore, and repeated his success in 1992 in the group among players under 18 in Germany.
He took part in several championships in Leningrad, in 1990 he surpassed his rivals and won the champion title.
In 1999 he won the Russian Championship. As part of the Russian team, he twice became the first at the Olympiads (1998 and 2000).
At the 2001/2002 FIDE championship, he reached the 3rd stage, where he lost to E.I.Bareev. Winner of the Russian Cup 2006.
At the 2007 European Championships in Dresden, he shared 1st place with 6 other participants. In a tie-break he lost to E. D. Sutovsky and took 6th place.
In international tournaments: 1st place in Dortmund (1991), Doha (1993), Tallinn (2001) and Copenhagen (2005).
Often performs in club competitions. Among other things, he took part in the team championships in Russia, Germany (Bremer SG, SG Porz), France (Mulhouse Philidor) and Serbia.
He won the team championships of Russia 1992 (St. Petersburg team, 3rd board), 1995 (New Siberia, 2nd board), 2000 (Lentransgaz, 2nd board), 2001 (Lentransgaz, 2 board), 2006 ("Ural", 7th board). He became the silver medalist of the Russian team championships 2004 (Max Ven, 3rd board), 2005 (Max Ven, 4th board), 2007 (Ural, 8th board), 2010 (Chess Federation of St. Petersburg , 7th board), bronze medalist of the 2002 ("Lentransgaz", 2nd board) and 2008 (TPS, Saransk, 2nd board).
Engaged in coaching. At various times he assisted V. B. Kramnik, A. V. Khalifman, N. M. Ioseliani and E. V. Alekseev.
He is the author of several books, primarily on chess theory. Contact information where you can send your application for studying at the Konstantin Sakaev School: https://sakaev.org/



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