If you teach chess...

If you teach chess ...

If you teach or teach chess, if you have students or if you have chess classes at school. The platform allows you to reduce at times the time spent on creating a new lesson, explaining the material and repeating what has been passed, for studying standard positions and plans with the Students, will facilitate checking chess trainings and automate many routine operations. You can enter any positions available only to you and your students. Create Assignments for groups of students, divided by age, grade and level of training. You can easily create Tasks from the most necessary and important positions, and attach to them, if necessary, training video courses or video tutorials. Students will be able to independently study all the material, repeat it and improve in chess.


Working with ready-made and your own standard items and plans, as well as with homework and verification has not yet been so easy. Daily repetitions in different order, selected on a specific topic of position, will provide your Students with high preparation for future games and for chess tournaments. They will no longer sit at the board in the opening and remember variations or choose a plan. And you will not be nervous because of your Student's poor memory. All stages of the chess game can be quickly learned here and now.

All student results

See the statistics and progress of each Student in one Cabinet. Any number of students at the same time and place. Both an individual approach to each student, and a group approach to a group of students of the same level - will ensure you maximum success. Indicate to the Pupils after the game, regardless of its result, the key position and recommend him to independently enter this position into his own chess base. Repeat positions with your Students. You will soon notice that the same mistakes will no longer be repeated and fixed again and again.

Downloads from ChessBase

Create and add Problems automatically and manually, load them from your database, use ChessBase to select typical positions and options. Import positions from ChessBase to your account. Enter these positions in the Problems for your Students. Train them. Analyze positions on StockFish and Leela Chess. Improve yourself and improve your Students. Teach them to do what you do yourself.