Instructions for the Trainer

You can watch all video instructions on the main topics at this link: Master Class (Short 2-5 minute videos for each section):
1. Registration and Account Opening ...
2. Creating partitions
3. Inviting and adding Pupils
4. Creation of positions
5. Import of positions
6. Import of sections (categories)
7. Export of sections (categories) - exchange of chess bases
8. Creating Lessons (Activities) for Students
9. Removing Students, Positions, Sections
10. Working with Chess Collider (Chess Accelerator)
11. Function: student's independent work;
See also: Typical errors when working in the system, questions - answers, technical support, FAQ
You can watch additional Video Instructions for the trainer on creating positions:

In order to create a task, you need to go to the Trainer's Office.

First: First of all, you need to create a Category or Categories under which positions will be summed up.
Next Tasks, Open, Category List, Add Category.
Enter a name for the category and save it.
If you have eg Main Categories for example “Spanish Party”, then you can enter subcategories like Spanish Party Open variant.
Once you have created Categories, you move on to the next step:

Second: Add a task.
 Adding a task.
1. Arrangement of the starting position for the problem
This is where you place the position from which the solution starts.
2. Keeping correct moves
This is where you enter the answer
Click - Apply and Continue.
3. Description
The number of moves is set automatically after you press the button from point 2.
Set the Difficulty of the problem from one to ten. Ten is the hardest.
Choose a Category.
Task name (optional)
Under this name, the task will appear in your list and in the student's training
Description (optional)
Only available to you
And further:
Save and close.

Note: If you have ready-made problems in Chessbase format, you can import them all at once. Instructions on the site.

Third: After creating positions, you can proceed to creating an exercise for students:
Create a workout.
Adding a workout
Under this name, the Training will be displayed in your list and in the Student Cabinet (you can leave it blank)

Workout task blocks
Indicate the topics (categories) of tasks from which the training will be formed.
Number of tasks to solve
Can be put - All
The following items can be left blank:
Limitations for 1 task:
Time limit for decision
Max. the number of errors per task
Workout restrictions:
Time limit for decision
Maximum number of mistakes per training
Next is an important point:
Allow to watch hint after error.
The coach himself must decide to give a hint to the student or not ... after trying to solve the problem correctly.
We recommend that you always give it.
Since the problems can be difficult and if the student has solved it incorrectly or made a mistake, he must look at the correct solution.
Otherwise, it may never come to him.

Pupil selection
Check out the students who have this workout available.
(Your profile)
To select multiple values, hold down "Ctrl" and select the required lines.
Theory video
If you have a video lesson uploaded to for this workout, you can add a link to this video, and the student can watch it in their office when they open the workout.
Parts with a designated start position
You can add starting positions to the FEN workout and set the computer difficulty level, then the student can play these parts in their workout.
You can get FEN positions when creating or editing any position.
By creating a workout and adding yourself to it, you can see what the workout looks like:
To do this, go to the Student's Cabinet and select the required Exercise from the list.
Good luck!