Instructions for the Coach (creating and importing positions, creating Assignments for Students).

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Training Automation
The platform will allow you to save time and work more closely with each student. Our portal was created especially for amateurs who want to turn into strong tournament players as soon as possible. Of course, this system will also bring considerable benefits to professional chess masters - to systematize, repeat and consolidate in memory the knowledge that raised them to a high level. First of all, you need to isolate the most important thing by creating your own development and then mastering it firmly.
Your own Database of Chess Problems and Sample Positions
Add Puzzles, Typical and Key positions from games to your cabinet or download them from ChessBase. You can use tasks to create chess trainings and get started quickly with your students
Fast Opening Learning, Mittelgame Mastering, Endgame Learning.
Create chess trainings for each topic and give them to students. The student will be able to restart the chess training as many times as he needs to memorize positions, this speeds up learning.
Homework check is no longer needed. Everything is automated.
Give the students a Chess training on the topic covered, and then open statistics for it. You will see how many positions each student solved, which ones on the first try, where mistakes were made, how many moves were made and the current progress.
Results for all students are in one place
All statistics are saved in your office, you can always open the page of a particular student and look at his results, to see if everything is going well, in real time.
Free classroom for students with ratings and awards.
Studying is interesting
The interactive passage of assignments arouses more interest in students than the standard analysis of problems on paper.
You can connect any number of students to your office!
Interactive chessboard
The process of solving problems on the platform gives more involvement to the student than solving from paper or a picture. The system makes moves for the other side, says whether the move is correct or not and shows a hint if the student cannot solve the problem.
A set of ratings, titles and awards.
The time limit and the number of errors, rewards for completing tasks, a set of ratings and medals, leaderboards. All this makes learning like a game!
Student's Personal Page
Each Student has his own Profile on the site, where his awards and statistics are collected, so he can show his achievements to friends, as well as communicate with other users through a private message system.

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